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Brazilian Weave: Your Most Asked Questions Answered

Brazilian weave has a heavier density with smooth, shiny hairs.  It can withstand humidity well and it can combat frizz. Some textures of Brazilian weave can have curlier hair patterns than others and some can be coarser in texture. There are a lot of questions when it comes to wearing Brazilian human hair extensions and we are here to answer your most burning questions.

What makes Brazilian weave different from other hair textures?

Virgin, unprocessed Brazilian weave tends to be soft and voluminous with a natural wave.  You will mostly find Brazilian hair in colors of dark brown to jet black. The hair is mostly sourced from rural areas of Brazil and goes through a process where it is cleaned, sanitized, and prepared for transitional processing.  Brazilian curly hair has a natural curl pattern similar to those with Afro-Curly and Afro-Caribbean hair textures.

Can you cut, color, or bleach Brazilian weave?

Virgin hair (100%unprocessed hair?) can be colored or bleached but you want to use the same precautions you would when using these treatments on your own hair. You have to remember that hair extensions do not retain moisture so stripping the hair of the moisture that it does have will require you to take extra steps to ensure that the hair remains soft, conditioned, and moisturized. It is best to have a professional color or trim the hair for you to avoid irreversible mistakes. Once the hair has been chemically processed from using hair coloring treatments and bleach, the hair can no longer be considered virgin.

What is the difference between hair weave and extensions  grades 6A, 7A, 8A, etc?

Even if the hair is virgin, unprocessed hair it still doesn’t guarantee good quality. The hair extension grading system helps you determine the best quality hair for your budget. The lower hair grades of 4A and 5A are what you mostly find sold in your local beauty supply stores.  These grades of hair are usually very thin and skinny.  Grades 4A and 5A also have a tendency to shed and become tangled quickly and easily so it is best when purchased hair lengths of 8 inches or less.

Grade 6A is a much better quality than 4A and 5A hair, but the hair is not as full at the ends. This grade of hair works best with hair styles at lengths of 12 inches to 18 inches. Anything longer will become tangled and will shorten the lifespan of the hair.

7A is a premium grade of hair that is double drawn and fuller at the end.  8A is also a premium grade of hair with smooth cuticles all laying in the direction that the hair naturally grows.  The hair shaft is usually very sturdy and made to last for well over a year.

What is the Difference between processed and 100% unprocessed Brazilian weave?

Unprocessed Brazilian weave is virgin hair that has not been altered from its original state other than cleaning and sanitizing. The hair is left in its original color and texture with the cuticle still intact. Unprocessed hair has a far better quality and lifespan than processed hair.  Processed Brazilian hair may have undergone a chemical process during production to alter the color or texture of the hair. The hair is usually soaked in an acidic bath to trip the cuticles in preparation for processing.

How long will the weave last?

With proper care and treatment, Brazilian weaves and extensions can last you over a year. You can reuse the hair for various styles while protecting your own hair. The better you treat the hair, the longer it will last you.  Using chemicals on the hair or regularly coloring, bleaching, styling, and improper hair care practices will only decrease the longevity of the hair. The hair should remain clean, moisturized, and properly put away in between uses to avoid tangles and prevent the hair from looking dull.

Can you use heat to style Brazilian weave?

You most certainly can. You would want to take the same precautions you would take when heat styling your own hair. Always use a thermal protecting product when heat styling to avoid heat damage and to prevent compromising the integrity of the hair.

Brazilian virgin hair extensions are mostly popular for their full and luxurious textures that will enhance your natural beauty. With the proper care and maintenance, Brazilian hairs can last you well over a year.

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