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Many people have lost their business opportunities and connections because they rush through processes just to make sure they make a quick buck fully putting their service users in to perspective.

The hair and beauty industry is huge and largely unregulated but that,s not a reason to mistreat and shortchange people whose financial support we rely on.

For those who are just starting it’s never too late to give the best customer service in your local community.  Like any business there is no shortcut to success. Many of us want to be the best but few are willing to follow the painful road.


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Brazilian weave uk

Brazilian Weave: Your Most Asked Questions Answered

Brazilian weave has a heavier density with smooth, shiny hairs.  It can withstand humidity well and it can combat frizz. Some textures of Brazilian weave can have curlier hair patterns than others and some can be coarser in texture. There are a lot of questions when it comes to wearing Brazilian human hair extensions and we are here to answer your most burning questions.

What makes Brazilian weave different from other hair textures?

Virgin, unprocessed Brazilian weave tends to be soft and voluminous with a natural wave.  You will mostly find Brazilian hair in colors of dark brown to jet black. The hair is mostly sourced from rural areas of Brazil and goes through a process where it is cleaned, sanitized, and prepared for transitional processing.  Brazilian curly hair has a natural curl pattern similar to those with Afro-Curly and Afro-Caribbean hair textures.

Can you cut, color, or bleach Brazilian weave?

Virgin hair (100%unprocessed hair?) can be colored or bleached but you want to use the same precautions you would when using these treatments on your own hair. You have to remember that hair extensions do not retain moisture so stripping the hair of the moisture that it does have will require you to take extra steps to ensure that the hair remains soft, conditioned, and moisturized. It is best to have a professional color or trim the hair for you to avoid irreversible mistakes. Once the hair has been chemically processed from using hair coloring treatments and bleach, the hair can no longer be considered virgin.

What is the difference between hair weave and extensions  grades 6A, 7A, 8A, etc?

Even if the hair is virgin, unprocessed hair it still doesn’t guarantee good quality. The hair extension grading system helps you determine the best quality hair for your budget. The lower hair grades of 4A and 5A are what you mostly find sold in your local beauty supply stores.  These grades of hair are usually very thin and skinny.  Grades 4A and 5A also have a tendency to shed and become tangled quickly and easily so it is best when purchased hair lengths of 8 inches or less.

Grade 6A is a much better quality than 4A and 5A hair, but the hair is not as full at the ends. This grade of hair works best with hair styles at lengths of 12 inches to 18 inches. Anything longer will become tangled and will shorten the lifespan of the hair.

7A is a premium grade of hair that is double drawn and fuller at the end.  8A is also a premium grade of hair with smooth cuticles all laying in the direction that the hair naturally grows.  The hair shaft is usually very sturdy and made to last for well over a year.

What is the Difference between processed and 100% unprocessed Brazilian weave?

Unprocessed Brazilian weave is virgin hair that has not been altered from its original state other than cleaning and sanitizing. The hair is left in its original color and texture with the cuticle still intact. Unprocessed hair has a far better quality and lifespan than processed hair.  Processed Brazilian hair may have undergone a chemical process during production to alter the color or texture of the hair. The hair is usually soaked in an acidic bath to trip the cuticles in preparation for processing.

How long will the weave last?

With proper care and treatment, Brazilian weaves and extensions can last you over a year. You can reuse the hair for various styles while protecting your own hair. The better you treat the hair, the longer it will last you.  Using chemicals on the hair or regularly coloring, bleaching, styling, and improper hair care practices will only decrease the longevity of the hair. The hair should remain clean, moisturized, and properly put away in between uses to avoid tangles and prevent the hair from looking dull.

Can you use heat to style Brazilian weave?

You most certainly can. You would want to take the same precautions you would take when heat styling your own hair. Always use a thermal protecting product when heat styling to avoid heat damage and to prevent compromising the integrity of the hair.

Brazilian virgin hair extensions are mostly popular for their full and luxurious textures that will enhance your natural beauty. With the proper care and maintenance, Brazilian hairs can last you well over a year.

Brazilian Curly Hair Extensions

Curly Hair Extensions(Brazilian) Why women love them

Curly Hair extensions can give your natural hair an instant boost by adding natural looking style, length and volume to your hair. Women love wearing Brazilian curls extensions because they have the ability to enhance their beauty and bring out their most gorgeous features.  The hair can also be customized to suit your personal style and unique taste.

Curly hair extensions uk-Brazilian

Brazilian Deep Curly Hair Extensions

Brazilian Deep Curly hair extensions mimic naturally kinky-curly hair textures that are most prominent in black women. The hair has a tight curl pattern that is similar to Afro-curly hair. Brazilan deep curly hair is high in quality and unlike some tightly curled hair extensions, the hair will not shed or become easily tangled. The hair can even be combed out for a beautiful Afro style. The curls are soft, lightweight, and gorgeous and will revert back to their original state when wet.

Black women in particular tend to love Brazilian curly hair extensions because the texture can be similar to their own natural hair. Brazilian hair is usually full, thick, and sometimes coarse. Brazilian curly hair has more of an Afro-Caribbean texture that can match the hair of many black women with Afro-curly hair textures.

There are various reasons why black women and women in general love wearing Brazilian human hair extensions. For one, it allows you to change up your look while protecting your own hair from the elements.  Protective styling is something that many black women practice to give their own hair a break. Black hair is very delicate and prone to breakage if mishandled. Wearing hair extensions allows women to give their natural hair a break while enjoying a gorgeous new hairstyle that looks and feels like it could be growing from your own head.

Another reason why women tend to love real natural curly hair extensions more than any others is because of the versatility in textures. The hair can also be purchased in straight textures, body wave, deep wave, and various other textures that closely resemble the natural hair textures of many women.

Women love wearing Brazilian hair extensions because the hair is premium grade and one of the best qualities of hair on the market. Human hair wigs made with Brazilian hair extensions are a great method for trying out the hair texture without the commitment of having the hair fused, sewn, or glued into your own hair.  There are some women who may have encountered hair loss or due to medical and health related problems and other issues and wigs allow women with hair loss to enjoy the look and feel of having a full head of luxurious hair.

Brazilian  Straight Hair

Brazilian straight hair is extremely versatile and can be cut, permed, colored, and even bleached to your preference.  When wet, Brazilian straight hair will remain silky straight and won’t curl or become wavy. To achieve curls or waves, a curling iron or curling wand can be used along with a heat protectant to maintain the quality of the hair. Brazilian straight hair can be straightened for a glamorous ultra-sleek look or curled to get soft, voluminous curls.

Brazilian Body Wave

Brazilian body wave hair will give you soft, loose waves that are easy to blend with most hair textures.  The hair can be styled easily and also straightened if desired. Once the hair becomes wet, it will return to its naturally soft and wavy texture with ease. Many women love the versatility of the Brazilian body wave hair and it’s gorgeous, voluminous waves that effortlessly enhance your natural beauty.

Brazilian Deep Wave

Brazilian Deep Wave hair extensions are a favorite for black women. The tightly curled texture closely resembles many natural black hair textures and can be easily blended with your own hair. Although Brazilian Deep Wave hair can be straightened as well, frequent straightening may compromise the quality of the hair. Once the hair is wet, it will bounce right back to its original curl pattern.


Brazilian hair extensions are available in various textures that are easily blendable with your own hair. Whether you decide to have the hair applied using a fusion method, sewn-in, glued, or have the hair created into a wig there is a unique texture available for various ethnicities.


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Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Hair..All You Need To Know About

When looking to buy the perfect hair, you consider everything from the durability to its strength. However, most hair brands barely give the satisfaction of having all the necessary factors as much as Brazilian Hair. It is no wonder that it is loved by so many women all around the world, and most especially African American ladies.

Qualities that set it apart

  1. Natural

Brazilian virgin hair is natural, authentic and high quality, which improves all its other qualities while limiting the disadvantages.

  1. Thickness

Brazilian hair is one of the thickest hair brands available. This quality makes it exceptionally good for ladies with thick and tough hair. It adheres better to their hair and does not break or split easily.

  1. Durability

As a result of it’s thickness and strength, Brazilian virgin hair lasts a lot longer than most hair brands, after styling. Its durability makes it not only a cost-effective option in the long run but also limits damage to your own hair. Having to style your hair often, usually leads to damage such as splits and breakage and a receding hairline. However, limiting the number of times that you style your hair within a year gives it time to grow. While other hair extensions can last up to a maximum of four months with great care and regular styling, Brazilian hair lasts up to six months.

  1. Strength

Brazilian hair is very tough. Nevertheless, even though it is considerably tougher than most hair brands, it is not difficult to style. You get the added advantage of limited hair damage without the compromise of poor styling.

  1. Volume

Brazilian hair is very full in both appearance and feel. It has a huge volume, which is not only great for concealing the fact that it is additional hair, but also improves your overall look. With the huge volume, it is also very easy and inexpensive to style and maintain, which only improves its overall appeal.

  1. Versatility

When looking for a hair extension, styling is always a major concern but with Brazilian virgin hair, that is the least of your concern. For a number of reasons, such as its increased volume, thickness and strength, Brazilian hair is very easy to style. Aside from that, there is also the fact that Brazilian hair comes in a variety of options such as weaves, extensions, and wigs, among others.

Advantages of using Brazilian Hair

  • Little damage to your hair

All the qualities of Brazilian hair make it extremely good for your own natural hair. It not only improves your look but also protects your own hair from damage and breakage. The limited instances of styling also reduce the amount of damage sustained by your natural hair. Generally, it boosts the growth and vitality of your natural hair, while providing the stylish look you desire.

  • Easy to style

Brazilian hair has qualities that make it extremely easy and inexpensive to style giving a full and natural look. Since it is 100% natural, you can use any styling methods that you normally use on your natural hair. This ranges from heat and chemical treatments to dyeing. More so, you can wash, shampoo and condition it regularly without affecting the overall look, which works to improve its durability. Even so, you still have to consult with a professional hair stylist before doing anything, lest you damage your natural hair as well as the Brazilian hair in the process.

  • Long lifespan

With at least 6 months, you get more time out of Brazilian virgin hair than you would with other hair brands. The longevity of the hair also limits your overall expenditure by a considerable amount, making it an inexpensive option in the long run. More so, the easy and inexpensive styling also reduces your expenditure considerably thereby increasing your savings.

Disadvantages of Brazilian Hair

  • Expensive

The initial purchase of Brazilian hair, whether as an extension or wig or any other option, is considerably expensive. Owing to the fact that the hair is 100% natural, human hair, it is far more expensive than the synthetic options available in the market. In the long run, however, it is cumulatively less expensive to maintain Brazilian human hair than it is to maintain synthetic hair.

  • Limited options

Because it is human hair, the texture and color options for Brazilian hair are very limited in comparison to synthetic hair. That however, doesn’t mean that the styling options are limited and as such, you can style it to the color that you desire.

  • Bulky

While the increased volume is great for your look, there is the downside of it being a little too bulky. With a great professional stylist, the hair can be made to feel light on your head but if the job is done poorly, it could feel a little too bulky. The greater issue is having it heavier on one side of your head than on the other, thereby distorting your balance and look.

  • High heat retention

During summer, the heat retained by the Brazilian virgin hair might be considerably higher than when you only have your natural hair. The increased hair volume also means that there is a higher heat within the hair than normal, which could be a little uncomfortable.

  • More susceptible to damage than synthetic hair

Being natural means that anything, which could damage your natural hair has the potential to damage your Brazilian hair extension. Such things as heat and chemical treatments increase the risk of running the hair considerably. Synthetic hair is designed to withstand damage but Brazilian human hair only relies on its natural properties to shield it from damage.

Options for Brazilian Hair

  • Extensions
  • Brazilian Wigs
  • Brazilian Weaves

All the above options are available in straight hair, curly hair bundles, and body wave options among a variety of others.

Who is best suited to use Brazilian hair?

Anyone can add a Brazilian hair extension to their natural hair. However, women with thick and tough natural hair use it more commonly, which is why African American women love it. Nevertheless, it fits all women of all ages and hair types and the only differentiating factor is the stylist. As long as you can get an experienced professional stylist to do your hair, you can get all the advantages without any styling problem.

Considerations to make when choosing and styling Brazilian hair

  1. Costs

As mentioned earlier, the initial cost of purchase for a Brazilian hair extension, Brazilian weave or Brazilian wig is considerably higher than most other brands. Even so, you can get cheaper options from different retailers and stylists even online. Unfortunately, this means that you will have to dedicate a considerable amount of time to finding the perfect option that isn’t too costly for you.

  1. The stylist

When dealing with Brazilian hair, there is very little room for error. That means that the stylist needs to have experience with styling Brazilian hair as this is the only way to guarantee that you get the best look. Even though changing stylists is hard, if you are not confident that your regular stylist is competent enough, it is much better to change stylists and find one who is. The stylist could offer guidance on styling and maintenance but also style your hair in such a way that it remains aerated, evenly placed, stylish and functional.

  1. Brand

Just as there are different brands of clothes, there are also different brands of Brazilian hair. While some might be less costly than others, this should not be your only criteria when choosing. Consider the texture, quality, color and other features of the hair based on brand and pick the one that best suits you.

  1. Maintenance

Brazilian virgin hair requires a lot more maintenance than synthetic hair. Regular shampooing and conditioning are necessary to keep the hair well groomed and guarantee its longevity. Ask your stylist to guide you on maintenance to avoid the hair falling apart or even damaging your natural hair. Even so, don’t overdo the maintenance as that too could damage the hair.

  1. Style

Choosing the perfect style depends on more than just personal preference. While an experienced professional stylist can make just about any style work for you, there are also other considerations. For instance, the style should compliment your overall look, whether professional or otherwise and as such it should be sufficiently proportionate. That is to say that it should not cover up your other features or give a look that shows diminished confidence in yourself. Even so, keep in mind that any style that can be adapted for your natural hair can also be adapted for your Brazilian hair extension, Brazilian weave or Brazilian wig so this shouldn’t limit your criteria.


Brazilian virgin hair is one of the best hair options available in the market for anyone looking to have a stylish and functional look. While cost is one of the criteria that makes it difficult for most women to choose it for their styling needs, keep in mind that in the long run, you actually get to save more that when compared to synthetic hair. You should, however, weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before making the final decision on whether to opt for a Brazilian hair extension, Brazilian weave or Brazilian wig.